BOSAequity™ is the first program of its kind, an innovative concept geared to help tenants become homeowners. It’s a way to build homeowner equity—even while you’re renting.

So how does that work?

Rent an apartment at a Bosa4Rent property and each month up to 25% of your rent accrues as BOSAequity™. This equity can be put towards a down payment in a future Bosa Properties or BlueSky Properties new home purchase, to a maximum of 5% of the value of the home.

BosaEquity Infographic

Show me the math, please.

Let’s say your rent is $1,800 a month. Of that, $450 can go toward the purchase of a new Bosa or BlueSky home. After 24 months you’ve got $10,800 in that account. Nice!

Keep going; we’ll credit you up to a maximum of 5% of the new home’s price. So if you’ve got your eye on a home that’s $400,000, the maximum BOSAequity™ credit you can use is $20,000. And that would take you just over three and a half years to save if your rent is $1,800.

BosaEquity Chart

Is it a bank account?

No. It’s just an accounting of the rent you’ve paid, kind of like a loyalty program that tracks what you spend with us. In some ways it’s better than a bank account, because you can’t use it to splurge on a vacation or new bike.

And when I’m ready to buy my own place?

When your tenancy is over, you’ll receive a BOSAequity™ statement that shows the total savings available if you want to purchase a new Bosa Properties or BlueSky Properties home. You have 24 months to use that credit.

Why would we do this for tenants?

Because buying a home is a significant investment. We understand that it’s hard to save up and still enjoy life, so we want to lend you a hand.

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Home Ownership Within Reach

*Purchasers utilizing accrued Bosa Equity for their mortgage deposit should contact their financial institution and/or CMHC to ensure they have obtained appropriate approvals before proceeding with a purchase. The Developer reserves the right to make changes to the information contained herein at any time without prior notice. E.&O.E.