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50 Years of History = Your Peace of Mind.

At Bosa Properties, we’re understandably proud of our past, but we’re always looking to the future. We have a history of innovation and every home we build is more intelligent than the last. We’re constantly finding practical ways for people to live better—whether they’re purchasing or renting. BosaEQUITY™ is just one example of our exceptional customer service philosophy.

Personal Service is What Bosa Does Best.

Customer service takes on a whole new level of importance when you’re running a family business. The Bosa family name is on every home we create, so we make sure that every Bosa Properties client has their questions answered and their concerns addressed in the quickest, most personable way possible. We take pride in how efficiently we do this so that homeowners can focus on what they love doing most – decorating, relaxing and living life to its fullest in their new Bosa Properties home.

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