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Bosa4Rent is a proud member of the Bosa Properties team – a fully integrated real estate construction, development, and asset management company driven by progress and committed to helping communities move forward.

Values-based since day one, we pride ourselves in building with quality and integrity. Every time. In doing so, we aim to create customers for life.

Say hello to Bosa Equity™

Bosa Equity™ is the first program of its kind, an innovative concept geared to help residents become homeowners. It's a way to build homeowner equity—even while you're renting.


How does it all add up?

Let's say your rent is $2,200 a month at a Bosa4Rent property. Every month, up to 25% or $550 goes toward your Bosa Equity account. Over the course of say, two years, your monthly equity will grow to $13,200. But it doesn't stop there. You can keep renting, and keep saving up to a maximum of 5% of the price of a new Bosa Properties or BlueSky Properties home.


More questions? We have answers.

Is it a bank account?

No. The Bosa Equity account is kind of like a loyalty program that tracks what you spend with us. In some ways, it's better than a bank account, because you can't use it to splurge on a vacation or new bike. The money is set aside only for your new home.

What happens when I'm ready to buy?

At the end of your tenancy with Bosa4Rent, you'll receive a Bosa Equity statement that shows the total credit available to purchase a new Bosa Properties or BlueSky Properties home.

How long do I have to use the credit?

We'll keep your credit secure for up to 24 months following the end of your tenancy with a Bosa4Rent property. You'll have plenty of time to find just the right new Bosa Properties or BlueSky Properties home.

Why would we do this for our tenants?

Because we understand buying a home is a significant investment and it requires time to save a downpayment. We want to lend a hand while you save up and also enjoy life.


*Purchasers utilizing accrued Bosa Equity™ for their mortgage deposit should contact their financial institution and/or CMHC to ensure they have obtained appropriate approvals before proceeding with a purchase. The Developer reserves the right to make changes to the information contained herein at any time without prior notice. E.&O.E.